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Thousands of the largest new and antique rugs with detailed images.

Finest hand knotted Persian and Oriental Carpets for sale in all Large sizes: Oversize, palace, unique and rare dimensions. Browse photographs of rugs available from around the world.

There is a certain mystique to any hand knotted rug. In conjunction with other unusual characteristics and factors, rarity and desirability can increase value exponentially.

If you were to look at rugs in typical homes, you would find rugs varying in scatter size up to 9'x12' to 10'x14'. In Europe, 9'x13' rug is considered a large rug. The example below is the epitome of the rarest and the finest in Oriental rug weaving - a pure and true master weavers expression with exceptional design, quality, character, materials, unusual color, fine vintage from one of the most noted weaving areas in Iran. Measuring 16'x24', this antique Tabriz, woven entirely of silk, is probably one of the finest examples of 19th century Persian weaving, and one of the many exceptionally large carpets in our collection of large, oversize and palace size rugs. These rugs may be found using our rug search database above. Enjoy the photo gallery of us opening this beautiful large carpet for photographs.

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Large rugs above are a sample selection from thousands of Large Rugs in stock over 10'x14' in size.

Our company represents over ninety years of experience in hand knotted Oriental rugs. We invite you to explore our live large rugs website in greater depth:
Large rugs, including large rugs on this page, may be found in our online large rugs featured gallery.

Our hand knotted Oriental rugs are from weaving countries around the World. Authentic Persian rugs in the featured rug gallery have been separated from other large hand knotted Oriental rugs for ease of browsing.

We also specialize in rare and unusual rugs & rug sizes such as square rugs and antique rugs. We have nearly every large rug size & vintage available. Depending upon your location, large rugs may also be made available for your in-person viewing by appointment.

Every Oriental carpet is unique regardless of size because it is individually handmade. All large rugs, mansion rugs, palace rugs or oversize rugs typically present a uniquely magnified challenge.

Large rugs are also viewable by size width: 11' wide rugs & carpets, 12' wide rugs & carpets, 13' wide, 14' wide, 15' wide, 16' wide & wider large carpets.

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* We hereby certify that all Persian carpets are being offered for sale solely from stock in the United States. Such stock has been in the United States and fully owned by the company since prior to September 29, 2010 and is offered for sale only in full compliance with the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2010.