Vintage Rugs

Vintage Rugs: Carpets from the late mid-20th century and newer including 1960’s, 1970’s through & up to the mid 1980s.

5x9 Tribal Moroccan Rug
5x 9 Tribal Moroccan Rug
6x10 Persian Tabriz Rug
6×10 Persian Cyrus Crown® Tabriz Rug
6x10 Persian Qum Rug
6×10 Persian Qum Rug
6x11 Tribal Moroccan Rug
6×11 Tribal Moroccan Rug
7×10 Fine Persian Qum Silk Rug
9x13 Ersari Afghan Rug
9×13 Ersari Afghan Rug
10x14 Persian Meshkin Rug
10×14 Persian Meshkin Rug
11x14 Bokhara Rug
11×14 Fine Bokhara Rug
11x16 Peking Rug
11×16 Peking Rug
12x12 Bokhara Square Rug
12×12 Fine Bokhara Square Rug
12x13 Persian Mehrivan Square Rug
12×13 Persian Mehrivan Square Rug
12x14 Ersari Afghan Rug
12×14 Ersari Afghan Square Rug
12x14 Spanish Rug
12×14 Spanish Square Rug
12x14 Spanish Square Rug
12×14 Spanish Square Rug
12x15 Kashan Design Rug
12×15 Kashan Design Rug
12x16 Bokhara Rug
12×16 Bokhara Rug
12x16 Bulgarian Rug
12×16 Bulgarian Rug
12x16 Persian Tabriz Rug
12×16 Persian Tabriz Rug
12x16 Persian Tabriz Rug
12×16 Persian Tabriz Rug
12x17 Bulgarian Rug
12×17 Bulgarian Rug – Washed and Faded
12x17 Persian Design Pakistani Rug
12×17 Persian Design Pakistani Rug
12x18 Savonnerie Design Rug
12×18 Savonnerie Design Rug
12x19 Bulgarian Rug
13x17 Bokhara Rug
13×17 Fine Bokhara Rug
13x17 Bokhara Rug
13×17 Fine Bokhara Rug
13x17 Persian Kerman Rug
13x18 Romanian Rug
13×18 Romanian Rug
13x20 Bokhara Rug
13×20 Bokhara Rug
13x21 Bokhara Rug
13×21 Bokhara Rug
14x16 Bokhara Square Rug
14×16 Bokhara Square Rug
14x16 Persian Tabriz Square Rug
14×16 Persian Tabriz Square Rug
14x20 Persian Tabriz Rug
15x15 Afghan Ersari Square Rug
15×15 Afghan Ersari Square Rug
15x23 Persian Kerman Rug
16x22 Bulgarian Rug
16×22 Bulgarian Rug
16x25 Fine Bokhara Rug
16×25 Fine Bokhara Rug