Rugs 15ft. Wide Carpets

All Oriental rugs with rug sizes widths measuring 15ft. wide, or between 14’6″ through 15’5″ wide. Exact measurements may vary. We also suggest browsing all rugs and carpets 14ft. Wide & 16ft. Wide.

15x30 Persian Kerman Rug
15×30 PERSIAN Cyrus Crown® KERMAN RUG
15x27 Persian Cyrus Crown® Kerman Rug
15×27 Persian Cyrus Crown® Kerman Rug
15x26 Persian Kerman Rug
15×26 Persian Cyrus Crown® Kerman Rug
15x23 Persian Kerman Rug
15x22 Persian Tabriz Rug
15×22 Persian Tabriz Rug
15x19 Turkish Rug
15×19 Turkish Rug
15x17 Bulgarian Square Rug
15×17 Bulgarian Square Rug
15x16 Bulgarian Rug
15×16 Bulgarian Square Rug
15x15 Afghan Ersari Square Rug
15×15 Afghan Ersari Square Rug