Bakhtiari Persian Rugs

Persian Bakhtiari Rugs and Carpets made in and around Bakhtiari Iran.

11x15 Persian Bakhtiari Rug
11×15 Persian Bakhtiari Rug
8x12 Persian Bakhtiari Rug
 8×12 Persian Bakhtiari Rug

Bakhtiari: A southern Persia group, both settled and nomadic, the latter now a minority.  Villages of the Bakhtiari are in and around the area of Chahar Mahal.  Migratory, they move between lower areas of Ahvaz and central Zagros mountains.

Bakhtiari weaving can be pile and flatweave. Among the more popular design for piled weave include in and around dozar size garden style panel motifs.  Selvages are often brown or black despite field color, although this too is often red.  Knots are typically symmetrical, double wefted, and indicative of village weaving.