Antique Rugs

Antique rugs: Older hand knotted Oriental rugs and Persian carpets. Antique rugs pre-date 1910 with an estimated age of one hundred years or older.

19x44 Persian Khorassan Rug
18x24 Antique Persian Kerman Rug
18×24 Antique Persian Kerman Rug
17x24 Persian Kerman Rug
17×24 Antique Persian Kerman Rug
14x19 Antique Peking Rug
14×19 Antique Peking Rug
13x20 Persian Manchester Kashan Rug
12x36 Antique Persian Feraghan Rug
12×36 Antique Persian Feraghan Rug
11x30 Antique Turkmen Rug
11×30 Antique Turkmen Rug
11x22 Antique Kerman Garden Design Rug
11×22 Antique Kerman Garden Motif Rug
11x15 Persian Kerman Rug
11×15 Antique Persian Kerman Rug
8x15 Antique Agra Rug
 8×15 Antique Agra Rug
9x12 Antique Persian Serapi Rug
9×12 Antique Persian Serapi Rug
7x9 Persian Heriz Rug
7x 9 Antique Persian Heriz Rug
Antique Rug Runners:
2.6x24 Antique Oushak Rug Runner
2’6″x24 Antique Oushak Rug Runner
3x8 Siberian Kazak Rug Runner
3x 8 Antique Siberian Kazak Rug Runner
3x9 Persian Kurdish Rug Runner
3x 9 Persian Kurdish Rug Runner
3x11 Persian Kerman Rug Runner
3×11 Persian Kerman Rug Runner
3x13 Persian Hamadan Rug Runner
3×13 Persian Hamadan Rug Runner
3x13 Persian Kurdish Rug Runner
3×13 Persian Kurdish Rug Runner
3x14 Persian Hamadan Rug Runner
3×14 Persian Hamadan Rug Runner
3x15 Persian Kerman Rug Runner
3×15 Antique Persian Kermanshah Rug Runner
3x15 Persian Hamadan Rug Runner
3×15 Persian Hamadan Rug Runner
3x16 Persian Feraghan Rug Runner
3×16 Persian Feraghan Rug Runner
3x18 Camel Sarab Rug Runner
3×18 Camel Sarab Rug Runner
4x9 Kazak Rug Runner
4x 9 Kazak Rug Runner
4x14 Persian Kurdish Rug Runner
4×14 Persian Kurdish Rug Runner
4x14 Persian Kurdish Rug Runner
4×14 Persian Kurdish Rug Runner
4x22 Karabagh Rug Runner
4×22 Karabagh Rug Runner
4x24 Karabagh Rug Runner
4×24 Karabagh Rug Runner
5x11 Siberian Kazak Rug Runner
5×11 Siberian Kazak Rug Runner
6x13 Persian Hamadan Rug Runner
6×13 Persian Hamadan Rug Runner
6x17 Persian Heriz Rug Runner
6×17 Persian Heriz Rug Runner
6x20 Persian Kilim Rug Runner
6×20 Persian Kilim Rug Runner
7x18 Persian Mishin Malayer Rug Runner
7×18 Persian Mishin Malayer Rug Runner
7x22 Persian Rug Runner
7×22 Karabagh Rug Runner
Antique Oriental Rugs

Antique Oriental rugs are defined as hand woven carpets made of natural fibers, with both warp and weft and created in the Near, Mid or Far-East (including the Balkans). An antique rug also must be over one hundred years old (19th century: early to mid 1800’s, thru 1850’s, 1860’s, 1870’s, 1880’s, 1890’s. 20th century; 1900, 1910.).

About Antique Rugs

Antique rugs and the antique rug market continue to gain tremendous momentum in recent years. The decorative value of an old antique hand knotted or hand woven antique carpet is virtually impossible to emulate in new rug weaving.

Outside of the collectible market of antique rugs, much of the mystique and decorative value in antique rugs stem from their designs and colors. Antique rugs with natural tone-on-tone, contrast, or exceedingly well rendered design (and design contrast) favor well to nearly all eyes.

Antique rugs are often comprised of two or fewer natural materials (other than dye).  Antique rugs are usually wool, cotton, silk, or a combination.  One of the most beautiful features of a healthy antique rug is a graceful aged pile; Antique rugs showing even patina and polished wool pile from respectful years of use are particularly coveted when considering condition and aesthetic.

The Finest Antique Rugs

While browsing our rugs, pay particularly close attention to the colors of our antique rugs. As with many of our rugs and carpets, the colors seen are the true, natural presence of the original artisan palette.  Contrary to our antique rugs, unfortunately, many antique rugs on the market today have been subjected to acid washing techniques which accelerate the “appearance” of age and obliterate the true colors. A healthy and unadulterated antique rug should exhibit a natural aged patina through the normal oxidation process taking place over the course of many years.

An essential aspect of the beauty in an antique rug is its authentic and original colors. An exquisite antique rug will naturally show highly desirable, classic and timeless colors without augmentation.

The right antique rugs for your home will be the most cherished, most valued and most serviceable decorative items your living space.

Interesting Facts about Antique Rugs
    • The oldest rug from antiquities ever discovered is the Pazyryk carpet estimated to be woven circa 400 B.C.
    • The oldest known “twin carpets” are the renown Ardabil carpets.
    • The most expensive publicly sold antique rug sold for $9.6 Million USD within the past decade.

Pazyryk Carpet
Pazyryk Carpet: Oldest rug discovered
Twin Ardabil Carpets LACMA and V&A

16th Century Safavid Twin Ardabil Carpets. Left: V&A Museum in London. Right: LACMA, USA. LACMA example shortened and sacrificed for repairs to larger V&A carpet.

Most Expensive Antique Rug
Most Expensive carpet: 17th century ‘CLARK SICKLE-LEAF’ rug form Corcoran Gallery of Art sold in NYC on June 5th, 2013 at Sotheby’s Auction. Estimated price: 5-7 Million USD, sold for $33.765 Million USD
Priceless Expensive Rug Sold Antique Kirman
2d Most Expensive carpet:  17th century ‘Kirman Vase’ rug sold in London 2010 at Christie’s Auction for $9.6 Million USD