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Large rugs, extra large, oversize rugs, mansion rugs and palace rugs including new, vintage rugs, semi-antique rugs and antique rugs from all weaving countries.  Whether in search of a uniquely large, rare or unusual size carpet, we have all shapes and measurements, including hard to find 10′, 11′ & 12′ square rugs and larger.

Specialty in fine hand knotted oversize & large Persian rugs from all Persian weaving areas such as: Heriz rugs (Northwest Persian), Kashan rugs, Kerman rugs, Sarouk rugs and Tabriz carpets.  We are sure you will find our large selection of popular styles from desirable vintages to be quite diverse and complete.

Our Most Recent Large Rug Additions
17x24 Persian Kerman Rug
17×24 Antique Persian Kerman Rug
18x24 Antique Persian Kerman Rug
18×24 Antique Persian Kerman Rug
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15×22 Persian Tabriz Rug
14x18 Persian Tabriz Rug
14x24 Persian Sarouk Rug
14×24 Persian Sarouk Rug
13x22 Persian Sarouk Rug
13×22 Persian Sarouk Rug
13x21 Bulgarian Rug
13×21 Bulgarian Rug
12x20 Bulgarian Rug
12×20 Bulgarian Rug
13x16 Bulgarian Rug
13×16 Bulgarian Rug
Current Popular Large Rugs
13x20 Fine Bokhara Rug
13×20 Fine Bokhara Rug
8x13 Fine Bokhara Rug
9×13 Fine Bokhara Rug
10x12 Fine Bokhara Rug
10×12 Fine Bokhara Square Rug
8x11 Fine Bokhara Rug
 8×11 Fine Bokhara Rug
12x13 Fine Bokhara Rug
12×13 Fine Bokhara Square Rug
12x12 Fine Bokhara Square Rug
12×12 Fine Bokhara Square Rug
Our Most Recent Wide Runners Additions
3×12 Modern Design Kilim Style Rug Runner
2x4 Persian Kerman Rug Runner
2x 4 Persian Kerman Rug Runner
4x13 Fine Bokhara Rug Runner
4×13 Fine Bokhara Rug Runner
4x10 Caucasian Rug Runner
4×10 Caucasian Rug Runner
3x18 Persian Ardebil Rug Runner
3×18 Persian Ardebil Rug Runner
3x15 Persian Sarab Rug Runner
3×15 Persian Sarab Rug Runner
Area rugs: Large Rugs in perspective

The average Oriental area rug size measures between five to six feet wide by eight to nine feet long. On Large Rugs Carpets, large rugs are often a minimum of ten feet wide and fourteen feet long or longer. An example of the unusual scale is exhibited below:  An area rug size such as 6’8″ x 10′,  suitable for an accent rug in a living room, is about 1/4 the size of our average large rug.

Large Rugs in Perspective

Left Silk Qum semi-antique Persian Rug, 13” x 20”. Right Persian Silk Qum near identical twin, 6”8’ x 10” (one made & available).

Creating a Large Rug

Every Oriental carpet is unique regardless of size because it is individually handmade.  All large rugs, mansion rugs, palace rugs or oversize rugs present a uniquely magnified challenge to create.

The process of making a large hand knotted Oriental carpet of any type is a time intensive and laborious task. Large rugs are significantly more demanding to make, requiring greater consideration for design detail, design scale, skilled weavers and volumes of upfront raw materials. Large rugs measuring in excess of twelve feet wide often require custom made rug looms to accommodate for the unusual width and massive weight of the carpet as it is woven.

The Largest Palace Rugs

Written history cites the largest and most famous carpet made was the “Spring of Khosrow” carpet dating more than thirteen centuries. The carpet was made for the Persian King Khosrow, woven to suit indoors as a reminder of the beauty of his palace gardens during long cold Winters. Measuring 90’x90′ and encrusted with precious metals and jewels, this is among the most valuable carpets ever created. In mid seventh century AD, the carpet (valued at an estimated two hundred million by today’s currency) was seized by Arabs after the defeat of the Persian Empire and sold off by the fragment.  There is no known extant fragment.

The largest carpet in modern day (made within the last decade) resides at the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque. Custom made in several large pieces, it required two years of work and over one thousand weavers. Today, this carpet is the largest documented hand knotted rug, measuring an astounding 60,000 square feet, and an estimated 2.2 billion knots.

Our selection of large rugs encompasses one of the most eclectic inventories of rare and unusual size palace carpets in the United States. Many of the large rugs and carpets featured are the largest to be found in America based on type and classification.

Rugs & Carpets

The term rugs and carpets are often used interchangeably.  In American and some European Countries, a carpet is generally differentiated by a rug as being a fixed area floor covering, as opposed to carpet[ing] which is often associated with tacked floor covering (such as wall-to-wall).

Hand knotted rugs are among the most versatile objects to decorate with inside a home. Even very large rugs 10′ x 14′ and larger rugs can be folded into a compact cylindrical shape less than 2′ x 2′ x 4′ for shipping and positioning for lay-down.

Folding Large Rugs

Oriental Rug Ages:

Terminology used in referring approximate creation date of a hand knotted rug or carpet:

Our extensive selection of large rugs and carpets represent fine rugs of all vintages, made in weaving countries around the world.

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